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thunderstorms. gusty winds in the livermore valley, tour around the bay, you'll notice in the north bay very heavy rain, ra rains down to the peninsula, redwood city across the bay and hayward and union city. lighter amounts from san jose, blossom hill road but take a look up towards moraga, light rain. here are the heavier cells, napa just reported a thunderstorm. this morning, look for the stormy conditions with windy gusts anywhere from 40-50 miles an hour. possibility of a thunderstorm. it will change to showers by the afternoon. break tonight but more heavy rain tomorrow. happening right now. chp has both directions. highway 1 near olema is blomd. if you can't, expect delays, there is no estimated time for
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the reopening of that roadway. >> the wet weather has been causing problems all over the bay area. some of those problems may linger for the next few days. alan wang reports from santa rosa. >> jill stopped at the water's edge west of santa rosa and decided to roll the dice. >> came through a couple of hours ago but i thought i could make it through this time. >> unlike these trucks and suvs that made it across, their toyota got swamped in a foot half of water just like the car before him. >> made a dumb mistake but it was a little bigger. >> michelle and her husband narrowly escaped serious injury when in this douglas fir crashed through their home. >> i was probably two feet. i was underneath all this rubble.
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>> also in marin county, floodwaters shut down highway 1 and pacifica tempted surfers but the crabbers are playing it safe in half moon bay. they won't head back out for at least two more days. >> back here in sonoma county, public works crews was still cleaning out culverts from the last storm that swept through. they expect a lot of work in the coming days. crews are working to remarry a huge sinkhole as a truck was driving by yesterday morning. semi truck was torn apart when the gaping hole gave way. the driver was not hurt. caltrans is working to have the road at least passable some time today. >> you might remember the big sinkhole in lafayette earlier this month, it has been repaired.
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the mayor congratulated crews to get it done yesterday which was four days ahead of schedule. >> friends and family paid tribute to the an east bay high school football star that was shot and killed in san francisco. sergio quintana reports from last night's memorial service. >> inside concord high's gym, his closest friends pays tribute. >> he loves garbonzo beans, i don't know why he did. >> they honored him with a video produced just for this event. on this friday evening, a couple hundred people packed into the gym to pay tribute to a fellow friend and talented athlete. >> they passed out candles and moved the crowd on to football field. he was a student since the beginning of the school year but
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he left a lasting impression. >> he would say hi and he would smile. you can't help but smile back. >> blakely was gunned down when he was visiting the family. police are still looking for suspects. he pleaded for an end to gun violence. >> it is taking lives and we have to stop taking our gifts away. >> he was a blakely overpowers it letterman with a 3.8 gpa. 56-year-old woman was died from her injuries after a hit-and-run on twin peaks. they lifted three people off the hillside after they were hit by a car. a fourth pedestrian was also hurt diving out of the way. police did find and arrest the 23-year-old driver. >> the california law banning
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therapy turning gay minors straight has been blocked by a federal court of appeals. the first of its kind law was passioned in the state legislature and signed by governor jerry brown. the court blocked the law until it came here on whether the law is constitutional. >> the last weekend before christmas shopping frenzy is under way, retailers are trying something new, we're talking about 24-hour sales. tomas ramon found an example at macy's. >> all the last minute, i got a few to go but i'm close. >> he is last minute shopper who came to the mall. they all have enticement to procrastinateders like humphrey. there is some things that are 50-75% before one is offering
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shopping and sales is macy's. they are staying open for a full 48 hours from 7:00 a.m. friday to 7:00 a.m. sunday. the idea so to make sure they can find a store open. it worries frank. >> i am concerned about who they are going to have come in at 3:00 in the morning and shop. that is kind of crazy. >> 57 macy's stores will stay open until christmas eve. bridge point shopping center, toys are us will stay open 24 hours until 10:00 p.m. christmas eve. that may seem excessive to some but he says it works for him. >> it's nice to be open 24 hours. i can get my gifts for my family. >> they say it's too late to shop on line because those gifts won't be delivered by christmas day so a 24-hour store is a good idea. daly city police are increasing
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patrols because it's going to be the only store open all night long. >> katie: coming up. i-team takes on a south bay intersection. dan noyes looks into the problem and we are continuing to track the storm as more rainfalls into the area. this is live doppler and you can see the rain falling just about everywhere making its way from north to south. we'll have your forecast coming up.
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>> katie: good morning to all of you, you are looking live at emeryville this morning, i don't
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need to tell you, it is raining on the lens and also 56 degrees. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the storm to let you know where and when the rain is falling today. a san jose parent is worried that children walking to school in her neighborhood will get hurt dodging cars in a busy intersection. the problem is in the seven trees neighborhood in south san jose where there are five schools near the intersection. i-team dan noyes has the story. neighborhood children try to navigate and anxious line of commuters near center road and easy street where there is no crosswalk. >> the cars aren't even stopping to let us cross the street. if they do, i feel like i have to run because they are not stopping. >> reporter: there isn't much here the separate cars and kids.
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we saw how aggressive drivers used the entire stretch of this road as a shortcut to get the capital expressway before the freeway. >> how students are forced to walk near the busy expressway. some take their chances. car after car after car blocking the way so kids can't get through. some avoid the intersection all totaling. >> it's an issue to everyone that is in this community. >> there has been no pedestrian accidents in the last decade there was were 17 car crashes and many near misses. sophia says she has been close to hit more than once. >> this is a huge problem. i'm just like fed up with it. i have been taking to my son to school since kindergarten. since then, i've had to deal with it. >> some parents have given up. >> i know someone that lives
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down the street and she drives her child to school. [ laughter ] >> when she could just cross the street. >> reporter: after we heard from her, we went to city hall. >> we've known that for a while. >> assistant manager and department transportation manager say they are familiar with the problems in the area. they have installed safety measures here in the past, crossing guard on busy center road. speed monitors on occasion and stop signs on other parts of easy street but nothing at center and easy. >> things are quiet, we know all is well. when we start to get color, it's time to re-look. >> after our call, more changes are coming to the street. >> it pointed out an issue. we are in response to what has come up, going to be installing a crosswalk there. we are going to be looking to see if it warrants a crossing
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guard and looking to do spot enforcement along the street. >> that means traffic tickets for speeder. >> we need people accountable for their action and taking pride in the community so doing the right thing is the primary message we want to get out. >> after the i-team called, he and city engineers walked the area themselves to see what was happening and he is making lopez an offer. >> if they would like to do a walk along with us, we would be happy to go out and walk to school with them and see those issues from their perspective. always open to learning that way. >> we'll make sure sophia gets the message and the time line on the crosswalk, four to six weeks. the city will organize more safety education to teach kids how to deal with the traffic and cut down on risky moves you saw. >> katie: bay area charity has but the put out a holiday wish list and dire need of christmas
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hams. they need to collect 500 hams before tuesday for their christmas dinner. they made a similar appeal for turkeys before thanksgiving. st. anthony's serves thousands of meals a day. donations can be dropped off the dining room on golden gate avenue. >> you still have a few hours to make sure that bay area kids get a toy for christmas. east palo alto police department are asking for last minute donations to help with the 14th annual toy drive. department provides more than 1500 toys to families every year but organizers have come up short. you can bring donations to east palo alto city hall until 9:00 this morning and the families are being handed out at 10:00 a.m. for more information for the drive go to >> katie: we are on storm watch this morning. it's messy out there.
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>> oh, my, wind gusts at sfo, 54 miles an hour. we have thunderstorms, lightning and very heavy rain. here is a look outside from the roof camera. you see the rain, south, north and east, big time rain for the next couple of hours. i'll detail your forecast next. >> katie: thank you. also next, warriors get back to o track with david lee 'putting up an all-star number. larry beil has t
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>> katie: good morning, we're coming up at 5:19. you are looking live at the golden gate bridge. rain not coming down too hard but it is in the 50s. there will be more rain and the gusty winds you have to be careful about. further south to san mateo, that is where things are even stormier at this hour. the storm is on the move. lisa argen going to have lots more details for you. >> we're looking at the heavy rain all around the bay. you noticed the gusty winds. thunderstorms moving on to the peninsula. if you head outside, lake tahoe,
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winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 tomorrow. truckee is 44 degrees. one to two feet in the tahoe basin and if you plan on going up here you will have to delay your travel. is very rough out there. live doppler 7-hd, you see the rain in emeryville and all over the bay. we have heavier cells indicated to the north where the yellows are from santa rosa. we have thunderstorms in the santa cruz mountains and gusty winds, up to 52 miles an hour at the airport. 31 wind gusts in oakland. lighter south winds but back to the radar we'll take you on a tour here with the heaviest rain from rohnert park, to santa rosa but the back edge of it will be clear in the north bay within the next hour. late rain from the peninsula down through san mateo, redwood
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city, over to union city. thunderstorms here from davenport, boulder creek, lighter rain as you get into the rain shadow from campbell and san jose. more moderate rain from the san ramon valley, 580, walnut creek, everybody looking at heavy rain. look at i-80, a heavier cell, watch out benicia and concord, american canyon, as well. temperatures in the upper 40s to the mid 50s right now. south winds keeping us mild. heavy rain this morning, scattered thunderstorms, gusty winds and then we'll do it all over again tomorrow morning. a little break comes this afternoon and tonight. high surf advisory this afternoon with northwest swells up to 19 feet. the system right now pushing through the bay area but we have unstable air associated with it. that is going to allow for possibility of some thunderstorms, you see that up in the north bay.
5:21 am
this one is going to bring a rainy morning but dry throughout the afternoon. heaviest rain pushing into the east bay and we've got showers behind the system. by 11:00, really not bad, but low snow levels, lake county, here is the break through the day today and evening hours, 4:00 tomorrow morning, more rain and heavier heavy rain through midday tomorrow. then and push out by sunday evening. weekend is a washout. partly cloudy on monday and then more showers return after christmas eve. looks like into christmas day we'll be wet in the north bay. inch and a half through three inches in the north bay. up to in our inches in the santa cruz mountains. winter storm warning, this will be going right on through the weekend. numbers in the mid to upper 50s today. it will be rainy out there. if you can put off your shopping
5:22 am
people usually like to get out in the morning to avoid the crowds but it is going to be a mess all week long but we are dry christmas eve, christmas day more rain. winter started yesterday but it fees like we have been in it for months. >> katie: in sports, tonight the warriors face kobe bryant and lakers. last night golden state place the bobcats. larry beil has the highlights. >> after losing to sacramento warriors were back home, charlotte bobcats came riding a 13 game losing streak. warriors, david lee, look at him that is nice. david lee deserves to be in the
5:23 am
all-star game. jeff curry penetrating, with authority! curry had eight 3's. he finished with 27. up 13 after three. 23 points and finding him for the long 2. he got the triple double. warriors and charlotte, 115-104. they play the lakers tonight. >> wildcats, here is three of his 12. he tied it up at 67. stanford at an 18-point lead. that vanished. he counters with three and 11 second left. down to last chance for northwestern, no, they couldn't get it to go. stanford hang on to 70-68 and 8-4 on the season.
5:24 am
>> justin smith did rehab on the injured elbow. 49ers are nebulous as to whether he'll play sunday night in season. they say smith is questionable. smith's streak of 185 consecutive starts very much in jeopardy. if smith can't go, rick ri ki will get the start. >> tampa bay, everybody knows they are one of the best but didn't want to have a guy play or start but that is the best thing about it. >> which will come first? a's move to san jose or the real end of the world? either one is within sight. they sent a letter to mayor jean quan requesting a five-year extension to remain in oakland. to be clear, wolf still wants to
5:25 am
move the a's ultimately to san jose but the team needs to play in the meantime. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> katie: coming up next, the storm is bringing more snow to the sierra. we'll tell you how much. before the snow comes the rain, take a live look at hd roof cam at the embarcadero. the streets are awfully wet out there and more rain and wind is coming your way. lisa argen has your forecast
5:26 am
5:27 am
>> katie: order morning. let's take a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning. storm rolling through the bay area this morning providing very gusty winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms. here is a look at east bay. you can see the rain coming down
5:28 am
right now. wind gusts up to 54 miles an hour with the thunderstorms and live doppler 7-hd shows the heaviest rain up in the north bay from petaluma out by the delta and wind gusts in the east bay, 23 miles an hour. 28 mile-an-hour wind gusts in the east bay. this line will slide along the peninsula into the south bay. we're going to start to the north where we've got heavy rain from vallejo, highway 121, american canyon, back to novato, 101, pouring rain, up to benicia the rain line ends around jenner and rain beginning to scatter on out. gusty winds, up to 30 and 40 miles an hour with the thunderstorms and light to moderate rain through the peninsula into the east bay, union city, south bay, you've had thunderstorms rolling through san mateo. also mountain view. you can see heavier cell from
5:29 am
davenport, pescadero, lighter rain around the blossom hill road but east bay, 580, san ramon. moraga, heavier cell. put off the christmas shopping that would be the best bet. by the afternoon more scattered showers, unfortunately we're going to do this all over again tomorrow for very heavy rain. more details coming up. >> katie: the winter storm is expected to drop about five feet of snow on sierra ski resorts. this morning, chains are required to get up the mountain. on u.s. 50 to south lake tahoe chain controls at twin bridges over echo summit. on interstate 80 they begin at kingvale. >> eastbound on. i 08 starting their weekend they didn't encounter a lot of snow until they got here with traffic
5:30 am
to a halt. many drivers decided to chain up even before they were required to do so. >> this is my first time putting chains on. >> this is actually some of the faster traffic. as you can see it's not moving that fast. >> i don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle so i have to chain up. >> they may find the chaininging process fascinating. >> i'm tired of it. >> my wife is looking for a motel. >> they want to get the hard part out of way to clear the path for a fun weekend ahead. >> katie: the storm is still causing problems for travelers. yesterday at san francisco international airport, flights were cancelled and delayed leaving passengers quite frustrated. for up to the date information on flight cancellations and delays go to flight tracker on the front page of our website at
5:31 am flight tracker is at its peak today, every dot represents an airplane. president obama and his family have stepped off air force one for a holiday in hawaii. first family just arrived a few hours ago. they recorded their holiday address from the white house. the theme -- joy to all including the joy of giving, the joy of service and joy of homecoming. >> here that is true for military families. you see the war in iraq is over. transition in afghanistan is under way and our heroes are coming home. all across america, their families are reunited. this week let's give thanks to our veterans and their families. let's say a prayer for all our troops especially those in afghanistan. >> our military families sacrifice so much on our half
5:32 am
and we believe we should serve them as well as they serve our country. >> republican holiday winner given by john boehner said both parties can come together for an deficit cutting agreement. st. anthony's foundation in san francisco is holding a drive. curbside drive will start at 9:00 at st. anthony's which is locked at golden gate avenue and jones street. then at 10:00 meals were be served to 3,000 people. at 11:00, donation delivery of scarves takes place. >> glide memorial church hosts a toy giveaway for families in need starting at 9:30 this morning. volunteers have been collecting unwrapped toys preparing for this day.
5:33 am
lucille will be on hand, giants mascot. it's located at ellis and taylor streets in san francisco's tenderloin. >> the salvation army of silicon valley is hanged out toys, gifts and food to 1700 pre-registered families. they will hand them out at santa clara fairgrounds starting at 8:00 this morning. salvation army has been doing this for 125 years thanks to generous donations from the public. an estimated 5,000 needy children from all walks of life will benefit from this year's event. next, tis the season to write letters to santa and the president and what bay area kids are asking the commander in chief. let's take a live look outside on this stormy morning. there is a break ahead today. lisa argen will have your lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes.[ wome it's finally here!
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>> katie: good morning, you are looking from the roof cam at the embarcadero. the streets are wet. the streets have seen a drenching this morning and pretty much all the bay area moving down to the peninsula the rain is moving and strong gusty winds so take it slow and easy. meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast in just a moment. continuing our storm watch coverage, we'll check in with our reporter who is live in san mateo. how are things down on the peninsula right now? >> reporter: things are windy
5:37 am
and chilly and very wet. hopefully you can see the rain is coming down horizontally. it is really windy. the rain is coming down in heavy gusts. it's intermittent. there are periods where it gets really heavy in sonoma this morning, on our drive down 101 from san francisco, wasn't too heavy. you can tell that the rain is moving south on the peninsula and it is coming down in droves down here. like i said, it is windy and chilly. there is standing water on the roadway in san mateo. we hope people head out this morning and maybe you are going shopping. be careful out there. if you are headed out. allow yourself extra time and maybe take your "abc 7 news" app and check live doppler 7-hd. check on where the rain is
5:38 am
headed. >> katie: thank you you. we'll get a chance to talk to president obama, what would you ask him? students are writing him letters sharing their hopes for the future. lyanne melendez has more. >> the letters started out with a simple salutation. >> dear president obama. my name is nataya. >> what follows is child's vast curiosity, do you wear a suit everyday? and questioned even adults would like to ask. >> how do you feel about romney losing? >> the fifth graders in san francisco are participating in a program called mail to the chief. organized by handwriting without tears. the idea is to encourage students to get interested in government. >> anything that you want to write is fine, okay?
5:39 am
>> the students have been particularly interested in what is happening in their communities and around the world and they are not holding back. >> are you going to deal with the problems in egypt? what are you going to do about gangs? kids are getting shot? five people have been shot and killed. start more programs to get kids out of gangs. >> reporter: despite being so young the kids are not afraid to share their hopes for the future >> are you going to help animals and endangered speernz list. i think you should. >> i think you should give more money to schools so they can do more future projects and do more education. >> if you think about it, it's really important they understand and have a world and feel like they can make a difference.
5:40 am
>> she wants to know how president how higher taxes would impact her family. >> my mom, has to pay a lot of money important me and my siblings. >> the first graders at this school are writing their own letters with a few simple requests for the president. give us puppies and as president you should wear jeans. >> the letters will be mailed out before the holidays and students know the president is pretty busy they do expect him to respond. >> i think you'll have a big impact on our country. >> reporter: sealed, signed and soon to be delivered. >> katie: lisa argen keeping track of the storm this morning. >> we're looking at a break in the next couple of hours, we
5:41 am
have thunderstorms, rain and wind. if you look at the toll plaza you can see light rain. the winds have been gusting to over 50 miles an hour. thunderstorms rolling through the santa cruz mountains and heavier rain in the north bay. we'll put it together for you and little break is on the way. >> it looks like people are taking their time out there. also ahead, big move for the san francisco exploratorium as it prepares for the future.
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> katie: you are looking live in san mateo. our reporter is there and she says it is coming down horizontally. look at the wind and trees, as well. we are certainly in the middle of a storm.
5:44 am
meteorologist lisa argen will have your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. now, we want to share a wonderful story about how some people if the south bay helped changed a child's life and his smile. karina rusk on the very special gift for a 14-year-old boy. >> unlike some patients, 14-year-old sasha is actually excited about going to dentist and especially about this appointment. the eighth grader is anxious to get his braces off. >> i have this thing in my life make fun of me because of my teeth and how i look. >> the family has no insurance so the two doctors teamed up to provide sasha's dental care for free. his overby the was hard for him
5:45 am
to close his lips together and two molars needed to be removed. >> we made so he can smile and enjoy his life. >> all the work on teeth and two years of treatment comes at time when sasha's mother is battling brain cancer. they are finding comfort. >> i knew there were good people in the world but not about this. >> it's recognizing generosity of people and one person we can't overlook is the school principal who took the first step. >> during this milestone occasion, she is the one who brought the case to the dental practice and opened the door to his treatment to begin. >> i'll never forget going back to school and running down campus, i can't believe this is going to happen to me.
5:46 am
it's really going to happen. those are experiences and memories they have. >> now with the braces off the smile and thank yous come from the heart. >> its bigger present. >> what is easy to explain, it has given him new confidence. he is on the honor role at middle school and when he graduates in june, his future looks as his beautiful as his smile. >> katie: that was a nice story. weather not so nice. i have to let people know there are problems out there because of all of this. power outages in san carlos, more than 1400 customers without power, estimated time of lights coming back on is 7:00 a.m. and lafayette, more than 3500 people have lost power. >> lisa: those wind of gusty. soil is saturated and not hard
5:47 am
to bring down power lines. i saw a few tree branches this morning. the heart of the heavy rain right now san mateo looking at very gusty wind and rain coming down horizontally. taking you first from the west side of, east side of san mateo and into the area of foster city. bridge point shopping center, next shot you can see how that rain is coming down and getting blown. it is just a nasty time of it out there. wind gusts up to 30-55 miles an hour. we are looking at heaviest rain throughout the next hour to two hours pushing along the peninsula down through the south bay. you can see a little bit lighter there, around foster city this morning. live doppler 7-hd you see the heavier cells in the north bay, north of san rafael, towards the coast. highway 101 and fairfield
5:48 am
looking at very heavy rain. gusty winds over 32 miles an hour from oakland, 52 mile-an-hour wind gusts with a thunderstorm rolling through san francisco. near 30 mile-an-hour winds near hayward. upwards to 3 inches of rain from the north bay from sonoma to napa where we had a thunderstorm roll through. very heavy rain out by the delta. look how quickly it cuts off to the north. north of bodega bay, the end of rain, taking to the south bay with thunderstorms right now from los gatos west to highway 9 and 35 looking at the santa cruz mountains very, gusty winds. the heavier rain over into the east bay, dumbarton bridge and also the san mateo bridge just a rough time this morning. be very careful out there. 580 and 80 into the east bay, it is just been pouring out there.
5:49 am
if it is not pouring in your neighborhood, you have the gusty winds and will take a couple hours. mid 50s right now. so the heaviest rain this morning, even a few thunderstorms. rain becomes more scattered. we'll see showers in the afternoon. our break is later this morning through the afternoon hours. high surf advisory right on through this afternoon. very dangerous surf 11 to 19 feet. here is a look at the situation. we have pretty strong trough with isolated thunderstorms rotating through the bay area. we are looking at that break. we're getting to it this morning and this afternoon and once again, this time tomorrow, it lasts a little longer through the morning and afternoon hours. here is a look at 7:00. notice the lighter rain and the end of the rain behind it. isolated showers from 11:00 throughout the afternoon, really not a bad afternoon but then by this time tomorrow, take a look, very heavy rainband once again through the afternoon hours.
5:50 am
we'll be looking at upwards of 5 inches in santa cruz mountains. three to four inches in the north bay mountains and another storm warning through tomorrow. temperatures just above freezing with light snow. gusty winds, don't try to get up there. it's very dangerous out there. mid and upper 50s today. with the rain changing over to showers. you'll notice throughout the next seven days, we're still wet late day on christmas in the north bay but just the scattered showers. chance of showers thursday and friday. heaviest rain coming in right now and 24 hours from now throughout the afternoon hours, rest of the rain throughout the rest of the week doesn't look as strong as what we're going through this weekend. >> katie: counted down is on, list than two weeks to until we say goodbye to the exploratorium in san francisco. the museum will reopen in the spring at a new home. this morning's report, dan
5:51 am
ashley shows us the staff is racing to preserve the past and also prepare for the future. >> reporter: it's too hard to tell this is the final days of this historic place. it opened to the palace of fine arts in 1969, first of the kind exhibit making science fun. a memory wall is up now where staff and visitors are sharing photos and thoughts about four decades of experiences here. one of those visitors that came back to take a look is brian matthews. >> it made a big impression in my childhood. i wanted to save it for the future. >> brian is an engineer with autodesk. he is expert in reality capture and he decided he should be doing it here. >> so i called up our friends and like any other experiment they were game. >> he got a few other volunteers and they are working as fast as they can to make a record of the building and exhibits.
5:52 am
they are using different technologies including one that starts with photos from a still camera. you take photos from different animals and feed them into computer and amazing software program puts them together in this incredible image. that software can analyze the two dimensional pictures and make a model from an ordinary camera. >> they are also using laser cameras where the exhibits are. a sophisticated software programmable lies the data points and the result is an image is so detailed it could create an exact replica of the space and everything in it. they are thrilled to get this data now even though they are not sure how they are going to use it. >> what exactly we'll do with that, we will have years to figure that out. >> they are cleaning and packing and puzzling over the 43 years
5:53 am
of accumulated stuff behind the scenes of the museum. >> this one is a six-foot lens. >> first they have to figure out what they have. next they decide what makes the cut. >> whatever they do keep will come here to pier 15, after two years of top to bottom renovation, huge undertaking, this will be the exploratorium's new home. fish and sea urchins are the first to make the move into the high-tech science lab. urchins start exploring right away. they move their tiny arms to check out their surroundings. one of their main jobs is to make material on reproduction and the move seems to put them right to work. >> katie: that was dan ashley. the last day is january 2nd and reopens in april.
5:54 am
coming up next, a surprise one million dollar christmas gift for the oakland zoo and officials don't even know who to thank.
5:55 am
5:56 am
oakland zoo had an early christmas gift from a secret santa. they found a check for one million dollars. the zoo tried to find out who gave the generous gift but the foundation said the donor wished to remain anonymous. >> the weather is making itself well known. what is the latest on the storm. >> we are looking at three inches in the past 24 hours in the north bay. insome folks from san francisco haven't seen much. that is changing now. thunderstorms continue to roll through the coast. here is a look. heaviest rain south of petaluma over to the delta. 580 and 80, right now, wind gusts up to 52 miles an hour at
5:57 am
airport and 32 miles an hour near hayward. rain is coming down pretty good north of sonoma. lighter rain from san francisco and east bay to walnut creek to san ramon valley, it is raining everywhere. south of morgan hill and gilroy, not much action now. rain is headed your rain. heaviest rain is next one to two hours to mid bay and south bay. >> katie: next at 6:00, we are continuing our storm watch coverage. let's take a live look at bridge point shopping center in san mateo. it is pouring out there. >> our reporter will have a live report. shop till you drop. where you can find the last minute gifts in the final days
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> katie:

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